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Oct 27: Unfortunately I discovered some sort of memory leak (or something) with DOSBox-pixel-perfect that causes it to gradually run more and more slowly before eventually crashing. Regrettably NFRogue has been taken offline for now and I'm putting that project on the back burner until I can figure out a solution.

Oct 26: Released No-Fuss Rogue, a package to help anyone using a Windows computer play Rogue as quickly and easily as possible.


Sep 16: New comic package available on the Mr. Teal project page: Abolish Restaurants: A Worker's Critique of the Food Service Industry.


Aug 16: Released version 1.5.3 of voda. (changes) Aug 07: Released version 1.5.2 of voda. Minor bugfix, the program will no longer leave cmd windows running in the background in silent mode. Aug 04: The blog has been renamed to blue land, black sky and links have been updated accordingly. Aug 02: I replaced the notes link with an external link to the journal. It's not an ideal solution, but I don't want to give up having a personal homepage and a blog, and I don't want to self-host a diary, so this is the best compromise for right now. Aug 01: is now part of the low-tech webring. Thanks to Em for letting me join up. The links are at the bottom of the page. Check out the other lovely sites and get a glimpse at what a hypertext web made by people and for people looks like: No ads that track you across the internet, no nag screens to disable your adblock or your sign up for their newsletter or reminding you how many free articles you have left, no buttons you're forced to press to accept "only necessary cookies" (no such thing.) Browse and breathe easy, you're among friends.


Jul 28: I made a new blogger blog, on blogspot, because it's 2020 and that's what we're doing, apparently. For the moment you can see it at this URL, although I may be changing the name.


Jun 29: New padpyght skin, 1bitn64 Jun 24: Released a new tabletop platform roleplaying game, The Floor Is Lava (1 MB PDF) Jun 22: A bunch of small updates to my games on my itch page. Updated credits and URLS, released a version of Golf Defense Force that runs at 60fps. Jun 19: I wrote some stuff about Final Fantasy in the comments of an RPG blog and made one and a half weird jokes about pool Jun 18: Released voda 1.5. Released voda 1.5.1. Jun 17: Released voda 1.4 Jun 12: New note; layout change Jun 11: Released a tiny Stinkoman fan game (12 MB, requires Java). Jun 10: Started this project log. Released version 1.3.2 of voda. Jun 09: Black lives matter

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