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About me

A very handsome kidHi, I'm matt bluelander. I was born in 1985 and I live in Charleston. No, not that one, the other one. I'm a writer, game designer, and videographer. I like democracy, justice, art, and games. I dislike fascism, capitalism, bigotry and bureaucracy. My D&D alignment is chaotic good. My political alignment is social anarchism. My gender/sexuality alignment is true neutral. I usually default to he/him but I'm ok with any pronouns. To pay the bills, I perform services for a number of crisis telephone lines in my area and some surrounding states. I find the work rewarding, but I wish I could do more to address the root of our mental health crisis (entrenched power, capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy) instead of just temporarily helping with some of the symptoms. Still, I've made a difference in a few people's lives, and that's something I'm proud of and grateful for. In my free time I like reading, writing, playing games, talking about games, making games, programming, and listening to music and way too many let's plays, game streams, vlogs and podcasts. I make dumb half-baked jokes on cyberspace, part of the Mastodon federated social network. (it's like Twitter but better.) I play games for the internet and make small games myself. You can see more about some of the stuff I do on the projects page. Thank you for reading my website!

About Blue Lander

A very handsome critterBlue Lander is a friend. Best known as the mysterious creature who gives you passwords and sells you items in the excellent game Guardian Legend for the Nintendo Entertainment System, they also appeared in the game Zanac and served as a sort of mascot for the game developer Compile in the 80s. No one knows for sure where the Blue Lander came from or how many there are. They were here long before us, and they'll be here long after we're gone. After narrowly escaping the destruction of NAJU in space year XX88, they went on to offer their wisdom and companionship to starfarers across the galaxy, and also to greet visitors to my website. Thanks, Blue Lander! This is what Blue Lander might look like if they were an anime.

About the site

A very handsome is a personal homepage and blog 100% hand-built with HTML, CSS and PHP. It has a privacy policy (tl;dr: you are 100% anonymous.) It has a copyleft statement (tl;dr: everything here is in the public domain.) This site is designed for and looks best on a computer, but it should look acceptable on mobile telephone screens. The reason I emphasize computers is that I use them a thousand percent more than I use mobile telephones, so I prioritize my efforts accordingly. Documents on the site don't contain any javascript, ads, or trackers. Any web apps featured on the site that use javascript will be clearly labeled. I don't use any remote fonts, the site uses whatever monospace font is on your computer, so if the text doesn't look good, I recommend installing a good one. You can set the default monospace font in your browser's settings.

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