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Submissions are anonymous, no additional data collected. (code) I may post the message along with a response on the blog. If you would rather I not do that, just mention it in your message. You can also reach out to me on the fediverse at or send an e-mail to matthew@[mylastname].org. I'm also matt#0199 on discord, and you're welcome to say hi in my somewhat ad-hoc discord server. My tox id is 12D632F26D76A658106632C7FDC2B12C0AAF1F3FF75E6FFE070A067084EE4752A0B9AD3EC734 (click here if you'd rather use the QR code.) Finally, if you've enjoyed any of the things I've made and think it's worth a few bucks, you can donate via paypal.

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