Mr. Teal

Update history

2.0.1 (December 31, 2019): Quick fix to allow access to up to 20 folders at the main menu. Also I forgot that the program crashes if any of the folder names have a space in them. Really need to take care of this but none of the obvious solutions seem to be working. Should be my next priority.

2.0.0 (December 30, 2019): A major release that necessitates bullet points! 1.9.3 (April 10, 2019): Bug fixes: resizing the window no longer makes the program use all of the ram. An unneeded bookmark file will no longer be generated in the main directory. The main menu key is now correctly listed as Esc on the help screen. Help screen will now break into 2 pages if the window is too small for everything. Various optimizations.

New features: PgUp / PgDn keys now scroll a user-definable amount. The default is 100% of the screen height, and it can be changed to any value from 10-100% by pressing P. The program now generates an options.txt file in the main program directory, which right now contains only the single value for this feature, but I plan to add more options in the future.

Setbacks: I had planned on getting the window to properly adjust itself when the user resizes with the mouse, but unfortunately I've run into some real strange issues with the _RESIZE function. I'm going to keep trying to figure out a solution, but for now, I've disabled the mouse resize altogether, because it was pretty useless. Also, some of the optimizations broke some stuff with the alt text. It's not a big deal but when the image scrolls it'll cover the alt text unless it's in "always display" mode. I'm planning to redesign the text subroutine so hopefully that'll be in the next release.

That's about it! Big thanks to spriteclad for feedback and bug reports for this one.

1.9.2 (March 5, 2019): Added the B command, added the help screen, added this changelog. Moved project off github, included the source code in the program archive file, changed license to the unlicense. Added support for multi-line annotations, but this can be difficult to read against the comic background. If a comic's annotations take up multiple lines, it's recommended to use the B command to view them fullscreen against a solid black background.

Source history