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Privacy policy

No information whatsoever is being collected from you. No logs are kept. Nothing about you is tracked. The only way I can get any data from you at all is if you use the contact form. The code shows that using the form sends no information other than what you provide. I have disabled all visitor logs, so I can't even correlate the time a message is received with a specific IP address. This site is hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech, which lets its members decide whether to keep access logs. Here's a screenshot of the control panel where I've disabled this feature. Log This site will never contain any ads, trackers, or third-party content. Any page that features javascript will be clearly labeled as such.

About TLS

This site is end-to-end encrypted with TLS 1.2, technology designed to protect you from those who would maliciously exploit your web browser and activity for their personal gain. Theoretically, this shouldn't be necessary on a static, public site such as this one where where no sensitive information is exchanged; however, I use Let's Encrypt to generate a TLS certificate anyway. The reason is mainly to prevent unethical injection of code by ISPs and oppressive regimes. It's unfortunate that this is necessary, you should be able to look at a document on the web without fear of your ISP injecting ads or your government tampering with the contents of that document, but that's the world we live in. I hope someday this isn't necessary. There are arguments that it isn't necessary, and I see where they're coming from; I agree with the sentiment that "If your government is actively hostile to your communications, overthrow it." However, that's probably not feasible for most of us at the moment, and it's not that much work for me to use letsencrypt, so I'm fine going with the imperfect solution for now.

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