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Index: 2019 2018


  1. Computer games
  2. A number of small computer games are available for free download on my page. All games are pay-what-you-want, and ones marked with a * have a developer commentary video available for anyone who pays $2 or more.
  4. "Duke of the Bump" is unfortunately the pseudonym I use for "Let's Plays" and live video game streams. is the landing page for everything related to my videos.
  5. Mr. Teal
  6. A tiny Windows program for pleasant and enhanced reading and browsing of comics and other images. Easily display comic alt text or other captions alongside the images. View the project page here.
  7. Doom Mods
  8. I've made two mods for the original 1993 Doom:
  9. Abscondemonium
  10. A 20x20 level for VVVVVV I work on sporadically. Approx. 40% complete. You can download a demo (1.3 MB) which shows roughly the first quarter of the game, subject to change. Download the free make and play edition if you don't own the game.
  11. Randomizers
  12. A collection of webpages to show you a random something. All are made with twine and require javascript.
  13. Padpyght Skins
  14. Three skins for use with the excellent input visualization program Padpyght. To use, simply extract the folder into padpyght/skins and it'll show up in the selection interface. For best results when streaming or recording, keep a 2:1 aspect ratio and use area filtering in OBS. It has a black background, which can be color-keyed out for a clean, transparent overlay.
  15. Misc.
  16. Things I made that are too small to warrant their own section, but useful enough that I want to include here (mostly so I don't lose them.)

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