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Thank you for your interest in supporting my work, whether you're here because you like the videos I produce, the software I release, or the words that I write. The best way to donate is via Paypal, which is unfortunate because you have to have a Paypal account. However, if this isn't a dealbreaker then you can visit this link. Alternatively, you can buy my games on (which are "pay what you want") or subscribe to me on Youtube for $5 a month. My expenses are low; my web hosting + domain registration costs are $60 a year, and all of the software I use is free. My work will likely continue without any outside donations at all. Your contributions will help in two ways: one, it reimbiurses me for the time and labor involved in my creative work. It shows that my work has value to others, and it encourages me to do more of it. If you like the stuff I make, monetary contributions are the best way to encourage me to do more of it. If I can get enough of them, I can even theoretically reduce my hours at work and have more time to work on my personal projects. The second way it helps is by providing a buffer for hardware expenses, which are large and unpredictible. I recently spent $200 to replace the video card I had been using for around 5 years which suddenly stopped working. Luckily I was able to cover it, but if I wasn't, that would have limited what I would be able to do until I could afford to replace it. Having a donation fund helps ensure I continue to have good hardware to work with. Thanks for your support!

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