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2020-11-19 20h00

Thanks to maya for the excellent guide to adding external link icons. I realized that if I'm going to have a wiki, it's important to have some way to distinguish internal from external links, because when a site is structured around gratuitous hyperlinks it's jarring to be clicking around and suddenly find yourself looking at another site when you aren't expecting it. Sure you can look at the URL in the fake status bar, but no one has time for that.

The little "box with an arrow sticking out of it" icon still reads to me as "new window", but having links open in a new window isn't really a thing anymore, which is probably for the best.

Also linking to an individual journal post reminded me that I need some sort of way for people to link to individual journal posts. If hypothetically I write something interesting or useful and someone wants to link directly to it, and I haven't yet shunted it off to its own section. Oddmuse has support for automatic journal page aggregation, but it would require the name of each page to just be the date in ISO format, which isn't ideal. There's ways to customize it, but I'm quickly learning that perl is a nightmare and even well-documented perl code isn't something I can just blindly poke at and hope I get the result I want through trial and error. I tried for hours just to get the title at the top of the page to display correctly (and it's still not properly aligned with the logo, and it might never be) before I lucked into finding a developer explaining how to do it.

Luckily I've been able to find a module for most of the changes I want to make so far (or they're changes I can make in pure CSS) but I know I'm going to have to hack my way through perl code (in the sense of someone lost in the jungle hacking away vines and branches with a machete, not the clever kind of hacking) and I'm not looking forward to it.

Luckily I'm pretty happy with it out of the box. It's a good system. But there are a few very granular modifications I want that don't exist as pre-built modules, and that part's going to be a headache, but I accept that these modifications aren't strictly necessary and I'm bringing it on myself.

Tags: meta, tech
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